Phase 01 ☑️

November 2021 - August 2022
Roadmap / Phase 01 (Nov 21 - Aug 22) was focused on:
  • Raising awareness about the NOSHIT project
  • Building a strong community
  • Deliver parts of the NOSHIT Ecosystem: ☑️ NSH.AI Token Review Platform - First Beta Launch ☑️ SHIT Checker - Beta Testing with the community ➖ SHIT Checker - Public Beta Launch ➖ NOSHIT NFTs - 10K Collection ➖ Price Prediction Game - First dApp Game
  • Due to the crypto market crash of Q2 2021 we had to reduce our staff and operations to prepare for a market comeback. Therefore some of the deliverables were moved to Phase 02.
  • Token Review Platform testing was paused. Shit Checker Public Beta, Prediction Game and NFT Collection launches were postponed, therefore only 200 Top Active Members of NOSHIT were rewarded with free, First-Level NFTs

A detailed Poomap of the completed tasks from Phase 01 is listed below:

Initially // Phase 01a
Afterwards // Phase 01b