(Non Fungible Shits) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, released in stages, portraying the journey of NOSHIT through different periods in time. From the earliest traces of ancient shit scams, all the way to the high-tech shit which will lead us to the warmth of Uranus.
Each of the collections is fully packed with Rarities, Utility on the AI Platform, Royalties, and Reward Mechanisms. They are all a part of the fascinating story of NOSHIT that will leave us all in awe about all the shit we went through as a species, and the shit we will still have to get rid of with the help of Web 3.0 so we can land shit-free on Uranus.
A NOSHIT NFT is your ticket to URANUS. It gives you access to the entire NSH Ecosystem, and unlocks certain aspects of the TURDIS spaceship, depending on the level of your NFT, $NSH shares, and royalties as a holder.
First Phase
Second Phase
Third Phase
  • Gamification on NSH.AI Educational Platform
  • Engagement rewards
  • Earning Royalties with qualified NFTs
  • Solving Hidden Missions to Earn additional NFT’s
As soon as TURDIS is built and ready to conquer space, the holders of NOSHIT NFTs will have instant access to all Facilities, depending on the level of the NFTs they hold.
Facilities will include, but not limited to:
  • NSH Cinema with educational videos & Podcasts
  • NSH Lab & scan contracts interactively
  • NSH Gallery & Sell/Exhibit your NFTs
  • NSH Academy with educational content
  • NSH Boutique with NOSHIT Merchandise
The utility of the NFT will be expanded for use in our URANUS Metaverse.
We planned to release our NFT Collection at the beginning of May 2022, but due to the market conditions, we decided to postpone the release for a more favorable point in time. However, we have already awarded the 200 Top Active Members of NOSHIT with a free, First-Level NFT!
The new release date will be published soon.