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On the 19th of November 2021, the world celebrated the wonders of toilets - an everyday comfort of our modern lives. Efforts to make toilets cleaner, safer and better for the environment is an ongoing innovation at work.
To honor and uphold the mission, as stated by the World Health Organization, on International Toilets Day, we launched the NOSHIT Token Smart Contract on the BSC Network and started our journey.
We presented the NOSHIT concept with the first version of our Whitepaper, published on our website, then we heavily invested in marketing to raise awareness about NOSHIT to gather a community of like-minded people by inviting them to be part of the NOSHIT Coin ($NSH) Presale.
The Presale was launched on DxSale on November 28, 2021 and successfully raised 500 BNB ($300,000 USD at that time) in less than 6 minutes.
We listed our coin on several major crypto platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoingGecko, TrustWallet, and continued the journey to win the hearts of our holders. The success of our marketing strategy placed us on the list of the world's top leading crypto platforms. NOSHIT was constantly a top trending token on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CryptoCom, and DexTools, etc. (See Roadmap/Phase 01) We received the attention of many independent influencers who tweeted about our project and made several independent video reviews about NOSHIT.
In less than six months, we amassed over 16,000 $NSH holders and acquired over 12,000 members across our social media platforms and chat rooms, resulting in one of the most supportive communities in the crypto space.
Because our mission is making the crypto space more comprehensible and less shitty, we recruited a team of professionals who have the utmost integrity and are the best in their fields, to build the NOSHIT Ecosystem. We did this with the focus on education, entertainment, and creating vetting tools for better research.
SHIT Checker is our most advanced tool, which sets us apart from the other projects. It is an AI-powered machine learning beast that tells you IN REAL-TIME the characteristics of a token's contract in great detail. It also informs you of all previous contract changes to ensure you're in the know. With SHIT Checker, we aim to put an end to scam tokens, honeypots, and rug-pulls while empowering investors to demand accountability from project owners.