TURDIS is our Meta Spaceship which is still in its early phases of conception. It will be an object in our own Metaverse, where people can enter using their NOSHIT NFTs. Since our NFTs hold different clearance levels, the access to spaceship facilities will be according to that level.
To design our spaceship, we hired a metaverse-enthusiast and highly competent architect, who has already started playing with different kinds of toilet brushes to get inspired about the shape of our ship. While her job is to design the ship and the main facilities, TURDIS will also be open for volunteer architects and interior designers who wish to earn their place and privileges on the spaceship.
TURDIS will serve as an interactive version of the NOSHIT Ecosystem: Podcasts will get aired from the Spaceship Control Room, and an expansive laboratory will host the interactive version of SHIT Checker for everybody to hunt down scams. Galleries throughout the spaceship will serve as the NFT marketplaces, and the educational content will get screened like movies inside the spacecraft. There will be shared spaces, game centers, blockchain courses, conference rooms, shops, and whatever else can benefit the community.
Facilities are built on the upper part of the spaceship, while the tail will host a limited number of apartments to host the first wave of URANUS colonizers.
TURDIS is an open project. It is available for any professional or enthusiast who is willing to contribute. We are actively looking for architects, interior designers, developers, gameplay designers, 3D artists, influencers, lobbyists, copywriters, graphic designers, animators, and anyone willing to help shape the TURDIS spaceship and raise awareness about it.
With your contribution, you can earn a place on the spaceship, get rewards, own an apartment and become a member of the crew that will colonize URANUS.